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OURNET: ‘Folks for a World that Works’: Alison Pothier

Transformational coach, consultant, intuitive and writer with a passion for authenticity, Alison Pothier is today’s ‘Folks for a World that Works’ interviewee. She follows on from Anthony Piparo and Danny Shine in one of our growing collection of inspiring mini-interviews with someone in or around the OurNet community.

At 30 years old, Alison was married, a Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in Investment Banking. As a global head of e-Trading in the Futures and Options industry, she was deemed a success through the eyes of the world around her … “but not through the eyes of the world within me,” she says…


OurNet: Thank you Alison for taking the time to talk to us and being one of the ‘folks for a world that works’, can you begin by telling us about yourself and your big passion?

Alison: Living life in the air overhead, out of step with my own inner song, I landed with an inevitable bump. A series of life-changing events (a miscarriage, a husband’s affair, an irregular lump and an onslaught of corporate indiscretion) occurred within weeks of each other … and suddenly life was flipped.

Not desiring of the changes that were coming for me, I persevered … until one day, while pulling luggage out of a crawl space to get on my next flight, I hit my head and fell to the ground … alone … facing my void. The seemingly insignificant moment became the catalyst for a journey with and question of my own significance … and whether living life aligned to a more authentic version of my self mattered at all.

Popping the cork on all I had held inside for a lifetime, I let out a cry for help – so loud that the chimes in my room rang out – and suddenly, my phone began to ring. It was a friend … repeating, ‘Hello? Hello?’ as if I had called her … because somehow our phones called each other in that very moment … without either of us touching them. Moved by the irony and its timing, I wondered, did heaven just answer my call for help? Is life full of mere coincidence and irony, a black and white existence without meaning or consequence, or might there be more to life … and all its haps and mishaps than meets the eye?

What if all the things that seem to be colliding with me are in fact colluding with me to create a more fulfilling and magical existence. One that is better aligned to my true purpose and soul’s intention for itself … if only I have the courage to make the changes I know to make, reconcile the reasons why I have not yet made them and arrive as my most “authentic self” … the significant piece of the universal puzzle that I am born to be, in all of its color and context, that completes the picture and actualizes my soul.

After a long and winding journey with my own authenticity, I am passionate about helping others on a path to reconcile and arrive into theirs … by working from the inside out.

OurNet: What would a ‘world that works’ look like to you?

Alison: For me, to conceive a better world, one must first perceive it to be so. I believe that change happens from inside of us … and that the world is only ever a reflection of the beliefs we hold to be true … not inside our minds, but in our subconscious which reflects our hearts.

To create a world that ‘works’ through our own eyes, we need to reconcile and evolve the eyes we set on the world … healing our wounds and limiting beliefs … to realize better outcomes for ourselves. For me, a world that works is a world that is personally accountable for the shadow that it casts. If there is conflict outside of us, there is conflict within us.

Through my eyes, ‘a world that works’ is a world that is conscious of its own shadow and recognizes its responsibility for reconciling the conflict that it sees in its own reflection. I am that (which I see) … I am that I am.

OurNet: What is stopping us from creating a ‘beautiful world we all know in our hearts is possible’?

Alison: A beautiful world is possible only when our inner world is full of beautiful possibility.

To add ‘you’ back to ‘your life’, begin not with a leap, but with five minutes a day.
— Alison Pothier

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