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Investment Banker

Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer

Futures and Options, JPMorgan & UBS

Wall Street & London

Authenticity and self-actualization are leadership qualities. Rare is the leader who embodies them.
— Alison Pothier

At twenty-three years old, only two years into her Wall Street career, Alison was transferred to London to manage her first team.  A rare female executive in the heavily male-dominated financial industry, by thirty, she had scaled the ranks to become the Global Head of Electronic Trading and thereafter, a Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer and member of the executive management team running the Global Futures & Options business. 

Exiting with over fifteen years experience in defining global business strategy, delivering results, leading change, managing acquisition, transitioning culture and most importantly, developing talent, Alison decided to step out of the industry to support its internal transformation ... as well as her own.  Aligning her corporate skills with her personal aspirations, Alison is now a highly sought after executive and transformational coach and consultant to private individuals, organizations and senior leadership evolving their worlds from the inside out.  Renowned for her authenticity and intuitive insight, she is valued for her innovative approach and perspective.

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Transformational Coach

Founder, Owner & Director

Inside Out Retreats

London & Malibu

To meet the inner soul, one must first knock at its door.
— Alison Pothier

Believing that ‘fulfillment and purpose’ are critical factors to one’s measure of personal success, Alison qualified as a coach as well as an intuitive energy practitioner. 

In 2005, in parallel to her full-time investment banking career, Alison founded Inside Out Retreats offering services dedicated to personal transformation and emotional ‘healing’ (which she defines as the restoration of one's authentic self). 

Offering a 360 degree approach to health and personal development, Inside Out Retreats provides coaching, retreats, personal development courses, holistic treatments and events focused on educating and transitioning people through their quest for self-realization. Here, Alison launched an academy for transformational change delivering courses in emotional awareness, authentic expression, intuition, energy alignment, mindfulness and aspiration. 

Developing tools for corporations as well as private individuals, Alison delivered corporate speaking engagements, training programs and leadership offsite training for Board, C-level and executive leaders and teams.

In 2015, Alison returned to the USA to be with her mother as she passed. She then took up residence in Malibu, California to expand her services further afield offering her services to a global client base - in person and online.  

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Executive Coach & HR Consultant

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Black Diamond HR Consulting


Do What You Love. Love What You Do.
— Joe Pothier

In 2018, Alison became a Managing Partner and co-founder of Black Diamond HR Consulting. Providing human capital services to large corporations, small businesses and professional individuals, Alison offers executive coaching, talent development, 360 review services, cultural transformation and transition consultancy. Partnered with her brother, Joe, an industry specialist with extensive experience in HR management, operations, search, placement, outplacement and executive profiling, services extend to clients nationally and overseas.

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Co-Founder & Owner



Life believes what we believe life to be.
— Alison Pothier

In 2018, Alison joined forces with her husband, Jules Williams to establish 21 Mile Films, the production arm of Inside Out Retreats. As producer, editor, cinematographer and co-founder, Alison creates inspirational short-form documentaries celebrating personal legacy and aspiration. Among their many projects, the couple launched, IBULIEVE, a docu-series promoting the authentic self-expression and beliefs that arises out of our life circumstances and experiences.

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Choice Point Movie

Featured Visionary

ChoicePoint delves into the hearts of some of the world’s leading change-makers offering a profound message of hope to transform, not only ourselves, but also the world around us.
— Harry Massey

Invited to share her story and insights alongside other leading visionaries such as Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Jack Canfield and Barbara Marx Hubbard, Alison features in Harry Massey's movie, "Choice Point".  Sharing her personal evolution from ambition to aspiration, the feature-length documentary explores the balance between “The Power of Love and The Love of Power”. 

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"Magic Glasses"

Author & Novelist

A series on the journey of the human spirit.

It is possible to have ambition without connecting to the heart, but aspiration, that is born there.
— Alison Pothier

An avid writer of prose and poetry, Alison is completing an upcoming series of novels called “Magic Glasses”.  Passionate about the journey of the human spirit and its hunger for love and fulfillment, "Magic Glasses" is about the profound self-reckoning required to manifest our dreams.  Using her own life as the backdrop for its deep unraveling, Alison reveals the in-depth deconstruction, reconciliation and reconstruction of her own world ... in pursuit of a magical new beginning. 

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