Previously a Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in the investment banking industry, Alison is an executive and personal coach attaining positive results by working from the “inside out”.



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"Achievement is not necessarily fulfilling, but fulfillment is certainly an achievement."   Alison Pothier

Serving a diverse audience of private and professional individuals, teams and organizations, Alison’s work is precise and insightful.  “A real key-turner”, she works intuitively to help clients discover the source of less favorable outcomes for themselves. Evolving core beliefs and key perceptions, clients and leaders grow beyond perceived limitations and barriers to success to realize their potential.  Addressing both conscious and subconscious constructs, Alison aligns one’s core beliefs, emotional framework, communication and energetic impact to create more positive outcomes at work and at home.  Alison’s approach and unique skills expedite the average coaching process..


  • Leadership awareness & authenticity

  • Congruent communications

  • Leadership style, impact and influence

  • Personal and professional fulfillment

  • Managing change and transition

  • Inspired contribution

  • Self-confidence

  • Performance improvement

  • Career growth and evolution

  • Business strategy and development


  • Self-actualization

  • Self-confidence and expression

  • Self-worth and value

  • Personal fulfillment & inspiration

  • Personal dreams & aspirations

  • Self-belief & empowerment

  • Trust & emotional freedom

  • Spiritual & intuitive development

  • Manifestation

  • Re-patterning and framing new outcomes

Consultations are available by individual appointment, ongoing engagement or by retainer.

Authenticity cannot simply be articulated, it must be emanated.
— Alison Pothier