A highly sought-after key-note speaker, Alison is passionate about storytelling as a powerful modality for inspiring change and engendering transformation. 

Speaker . Storyteller . Educator


Alison believes that before taking the stage, one must first intend to make a positive impact. She believes that to hold the microphone is to respect its power to influence perspectives, perceptions … and inspire action. Words can heal, motivate, empower, inspire, instill, enlighten and encourage … by our own choosing. Alison chooses that her platforms serve this purpose.

Valued for her unique perspective, Alison combines her extensive executive background with her vast experience in wellness, personal development, writing and filmmaking to enlighten audiences through engaging story. Her delivery is profound, insightful and magnetic.

She has inspired audiences at global corporate conferences, national entrepreneurial events, leadership offsites, onsites, retreats and developmental training programs.

Leadership . authenticity . congruence

Fulfillment . identity . purpose

Transformational Change

Evolutionary Women . empowerment

“human” capital versus diversity

intuition . emotional intelligence

Wellness . wellbeing


Evolution is a form of revolution. When we can identify ourselves AS our cause, we can authentically align ourselves with the causes we truly stand for. Investment in all that personally sustains us, makes us more sustainable leaders. Fueled by creativity, expansion and personal evolution, our inspired contributions inspire others to inspired results.
This is leadership.
— Alison Pothier