Alone, together, come to gather ...

Taking time away from the office, home or routine is an opportunity ... to step out, step in and step forward.  Whether you are seeking time alone to regroup, recover and rediscover, or time away with a others to connect, create and collaborate, a retreat is an opportunity to come to gather... your thoughts, senses and energy.  When we gather, we commune ... with others, self and nature. 

Inspired, we inspire.

Aspire to inspire.


On your time, at your pace for your intention, a retreat can be designed especially for you.

Corporate Retreats


Inspire, incubate ... innovate.

Fresh air breeds fresh ideas.  Sometimes it helps to withdraw from the office to draw on different resources.  Combining time to create with time to relate, corporate retreats can enhance productivity, inspire ideas, transform relationships, promote cohesion and cultivate results.  Uninterrupted time is focused time ... drawing in to draw out new ideas, perspectives, innovations.  Whether a day, week-end or week, your time away can be designed with your goals in mind.

An experienced coach and facilitator, Alison designs and delivers corporate retreats, on-sites, off-sites and strategic meetings for leadership teams, boards and professional groups.  Whether host or moderator, Alison's contribution to and coordination of all forums is tailored to meet your needs, goals and targets.    

Group Retreats

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Connect, collaborate ... create.

Whether with a group of friends, peers or pioneers, journeying with can be a great support when journeying within. Taking time out to transform separately-together can evolve friendships, invite insight, enlighten perspective and encourage perseverance ... in our steps.  From healing to dealing, no matter the purpose for your coming together, the path can be lightened by others holding out a torch for you.  Join a group or bring your own ... the door is open for your hosted retreat.

At your request and by her own arrangement, Alison designs and delivers retreats for private groups coming together around a common intention.  Combining her skills as coach and facilitator with services offered by select partners, a retreat can be designed to your needs at a perfectly suited venue.    

Individual Retreats


Regroup, recover ... rediscover.

An ideal is best achieved when I deal.  Choosing to step back to step inside ... remembering ourselves, reflecting on our needs, and reconnecting with our soul's aspirations ... inspires our steps forward.  Whether you are seeking time away to regroup or recoup, a retreat can be designed especially for you.  Alone or guided, amble the mountains, stroll beside the ocean, write, meditate, stretch ... relax.  Enjoy coaching ... and healing ... time in nature ... and time with your self.

By arrangement, Alison welcomes private individuals seeking a personalized retreat.  Combining her skills as coach, intuitive healer and trainer in emotional awareness, energy alignment and intuition,  Alison dedicates her time to your needs. Should you choose, she also introduces partnered services to enhance your local experience.