To change the world I see, I change the world inside of me.


"Whether eight-year-old or CEO, the story remains the same: change happens from the inside out.  Evolve the eyes through which you perceive the world and a new world is conceived.  Not just the truth, but the evolution of one's truth, sets you free."

 Alison Pothier



Featured alongside world leading visionaries including Sir Richard Branson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jack Canfield and others in the Choice Point Movie, Alison Pothier is an extraordinarily unique Transformational Coach.

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Offering retreats for teams, groups and individuals, Alison hosts leaders, professionals, peers and private clients as they step out, step in, step up ... and step forward.  Whether intended for innovation, enrichment or restoration, retreats are tailored to your needs.

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Bringing consciousness to collaboration, Alison facilitates private and professional groups, teams and organizations navigating change.  A strategist, speaker, facilitator and consultant, she combines her coaching acumen with the wisdom of experience.

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An avid writer of prose and poetry, Alison is completing her upcoming series called “Magic Glasses”.  A journey of the human spirit, "Magic Glasses" is about the hunger for fulfillment and the profound self-reckoning required to authentically manifest it.   

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A cinematographer, producer and editor, Alison, in collaboration with her husband Jules Williams, create original content as 21 Mile Films in Malibu.  Authentic storytelling championing the authenticity of one's story.

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Featured alongside world leading visionaries such as Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, Barbara Marx Hubbard and more, Alison featured in the feature length documentary Choice Point.

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