Promoting consciousness in collaboration, Alison Pothier guides private and professional groups, teams and organizations in navigating change.



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Change takes shape as we shape change.
— Alison Pothier

independently connected

For transformation to sustain, individuals and the community around them need to evolve independently and together. 

Whether team, group, organization or family, a collective realizes its full potential when the individuals within that collective operate at their full potential.  As coach and facilitator, Alison works with both individuals and groups to expand the realms of their mutual success.

Valued for her unique perspective and professional acumen, Alison recognizes that evolution is a process and environmental transformation requires personal transformation.  Her programs focus on building self-awareness, personal accountability, emotional congruence and authenticity to engender trust, self-confidence and conscious collaboration.

Delivered onsite, offsite or online, Alison delivers transformational change programs; facilitates meetings, retreats, events and workshops; provides individual and group consultations and is available for speaking engagements.