"To create a different reality takes the courage of a new set of eyes ... and a commitment to believe them."

Written by Alison Pothier, “Magic Glasses” is a narrative non-fiction series about the journey of the human spirit.  Told through the backdrop of her own life, "Magic Glasses" reveals the in-depth deconstruction, reconciliation and reconstruction that unveiled a magical new beginning.  By sharing her story, Alison invites the reader to pay witness to her own honest and in-depth awakening … in support of their own.  Penned not as guru, but as evolving human - from unrefined resistance to surrendered acceptance - Alison writes with refreshing transparency about the shedding and recovery of the authentic self … that it may come to truly know love.

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More About the Series

Multi-faceted, “Magic Glasses” is a series about love ... about healing, faith, identity, growth, transformation, empowerment, dreams, meaning, purpose and fulfillment. 

Most of all, it is A STORY about ... magic.

Surrounded, clouded and eventually guided by miracles, mystery and serendipity, a highly sensitive child with a humanitarian heart becomes a top-ranked investment banker until a spiritual re-awakening transforms her into a healer … running a healing center … to ultimately heal herself. 

Framed by a childhood of values, virtues and self-sacrifice (in Book One), her highly successful, but overly compromising adult-self manifests a world all too willing to compromise her (in Book Two).  The rug pulled out of beneath her, she eventually collides with her unrecognizable self, but guided by increasingly loud spiritual experiences, begins an arduous journey back to the person she once knew herself to be (Book Three ... and beyond).  Grappling with lucid dreams and spiritual encounters drawing into question her childhood upbringing, professional reputation and personal sanity, she decides to explore empirically whether life is as it seems in black and white – filled with meaningless coincidence and occasional irony - or whether there is more to heaven and earth than meets the eye – a kaleidoscope of color and possibility.

Devoid of fulfillment, questioning the value of her life and on a quest for meaning and purpose, she uses her life as the basis for her own experiment.  Setting her eyes as the observer on herself, she undertakes an experiential walk with two worlds – the highly spiritual and the abundantly material – reconciling herself with both.  Giving free reign to both her inner skeptic and idealistic believer, she documents everything … as it 'appears'

Literally 'following her dreams', she BEGINS TO transform her life ... and the eyes through which she perceives it ... from the inside out.

One individual’s memoir, "Magic Glasses" is the story of many.  Capturing the profound and naked quest for authenticity, "Magic Glasses" is many stories, but only one theme: the journey of the human soul with love

A non-traditional approach to personal transformation, the series is told honestly and transparently to preserve its integrity … in vulnerability and magic.  Reflecting real names, places, events, insights and perceptions, Book One through Book Three are taken from the first ninety of over one hundred and fifty of the author’s personal journals capturing what really happened.  

Magic Glasses comes complete with untidy endings, multiple layers of focus and a cast of characters that come and go ... as with life ...  

... because there are more than three-acts and ten tidy steps to enlightenment.
— Alison Pothier