From the Inside Out

artwork copyright  Alison Pothier

artwork copyright Alison Pothier

I originally wrote this poem for my sister's wedding.  It was the first time I was to speak in front of family and friends after my divorce.  I wondered, what do I have to say that can help a couple just starting out?  The words didn't come ... until I sat alone, in my bedroom at the top of the house while everyone raced around getting dressed.  Only moments before we had to leave, I prayed for the words to come.  I looked out the window and began by writing what I saw ... "the sun comes up, your wedding day, as I search my heart to find, the words that are of a different gift, one of a lasting kind.  you make a vow, to today be true, to love and laugh together, but with best intent - no malcontent - you can come across some stormy weather ... so you'll need some tools to guide your sails the right way from today, a compass point, an anchor, a light to show the way. ... "  The rest of the poem continued as with this one, ending with one change "Rise up and stand together".  

In 2005, when decided to open my wellness center in London, I struggled to choose a name.  A dream said, it had already been given to me in the poem ... "Inside Out" ... along with a logo.  So I branded center Inside Out Retreats and handed out bookmarks with the poem on it as our ethos ... editing the words to what they are now in order to suit everyone ... for its message is universal. 

The sun comes up, another day

and you search your heart to find

the who you are, the one you knew,

the one you left behind.

You make a vow, 'to myself be true'

as you start to piece together

that life you dreamed up as a child

that clouded with the weather.

So you'll need some tools to guide your sails

the right way from today ...

a compass point, an anchor,

a light to show the way.

For when the horizon overwhelms

or fills you up with doubt,

don't look for your tools from the outside in

look from the inside out.

From the inside out there's clarity,

you can see with the inner eye.

You can use the lungs within

to breathe a deeper sigh.

From the inside out your inner voice

speaks the vow with which you start

and there you'll find encouragement

nestled deep within your heart.

From the inside out, the compass faces a different pole ...

from the inside out, the compass points to your inner soul.

When the soul is given voice,

it is armor against the weather ...

and you can protect against the storms

rise up, light as a feather.

copyright Alison Pothier