Featured alongside world leading visionaries including Sir Richard Branson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jack Canfield and others in the Choice Point MovieAlison Pothier is an extraordinarily unique Transformational Coach.

Combining her experience as a Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in the investment banking industry with her skills as a spiritual entrepreneur, intuitive coach and energy practitioner, Alison works with clients to attain positive outcomes by working from the “inside out”.  Serving a diverse audience of private and professional individuals, teams and organizations, Alison’s work is precise and insightful.  “A real key-turner”, she works intuitively and energetically to help clients discover the source of less favorable outcomes for themselves and helps evolve core beliefs and key perceptions to free clients to grow beyond perceived limitations and realize their potential.  Working with both the conscious and subconscious mind, Alison focuses on alignment of one’s inner core beliefs, emotional framework and energy to create positive outcomes. Alison’s approach and unique skills expedite the average coaching process.

Some of the key areas faced by her clients include:

  • Personal Fulfilment
  • Purpose & Legacy
  • Self-Expression
  • Worth & Value
  • Change & Transition
  • Self-Confidence
  • Emotional Healing
  • Empowerment
  • Dreams & Aspirations
  • Inspiration
  • Self-Actualisation
  • Inspired Contribution
  • Intuition & Self-Trust
  • Authenticity & Truth
  • Spiritual fulfilment

Alison began her career working on Wall Street.  She moved to London, England and by 30 years old was the global head of Electronic Trading. Exiting her career as a female Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in the Futures and Options business, Alison gained experience in defining global strategy, advising cultural change, monitoring business performance, and investing in people development.  Contributing a holistic approach together with intuitive insight to her teams and endeavors, she was valued for her innovative approach and perspective. Passionate about wellness and spiritual evolution, Alison qualified as a coach and energy practitioner in parallel to her career.  She founded Inside Out Retreats, a center for healing and personal development dedicated to helping people find their courage to align their lives with their sense of purpose and authentic contribution.

Alison was asked to share her story and insights alongside other leading world visionaries in the Choice Point Movie.   She is also an avid writer of poetry and the author of an upcoming novel called “Magic Glasses”, the first in a series about the human spirit.  Now a resident of Malibu, CA, Alison offers client consultations in person in the US and UK.  She also is available by SKYPE.

Consultations with Alison are available by individual appointment, by ongoing engagement, or by retainer.

Turning the impossible
into the I’m Possible “

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