from entrepreneurs to FilMMAKERS to Bankers, Consultants, Mom's, Dad's and Dreamers, Alison's clients share their experience of her sessions and workshops.



"Alison is extraordinarily well placed to work with senior leaders across any industry. Having risen to the highest levels of management in Investment Banking, she has a unique understanding of the challenges and stress related to transacting as a corporate leader, the desire to act with integrity whilst all the corporate forces are pulling you in the opposite direction. My career has been shaped by Alison's thoughtful,insightful direction. I continue to rely on Alison's wisdom and discretion and will happily be a reference site for anyone considering initiating a coaching relationship."

A Fisk, Consultant

"Alison is a fantastic coach. Alison's advanced communication and emotional intelligence allow a person to get to the root of the issues that create blocks to progress in business and life. Alison is able to create a safe dialogue that allows a person to push themselves and their work/business by offering guidance and insights that culminate from her significant experience in business."


"There are coaches - and then there are coaches of the calibre of Alison. With an intimate knowledge of the subconscious and formidable intuition Alison is able to work with clients on any area of their lives where they feel stuck to help identify the patterns, habits and repetitive blocks holding them back and piece together the jigsaw to return to wholeness. Authentic, precise and a facilitator of life changing capabilities, Alison is a godsend to the world of coaching."

K Moss, CEO

“I was introduced to Al through a director in my company. He suggested visiting her, as she had a rare mixture of conventional executive management coaching skills from her days as a COO in one of the major banks combined with an incredible capability to assess your emotional landscape in minutes.  This allowed for a parallel assessment to develop through the session that precisely hit the points to be addressed and solutions created. Leaving on the first day was like a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders.  By session three I was programmed for success. I eliminated all the fears, emotions and negative thoughts and replaced them with clear visions of what needed to be done by when and how. Al plotted a course with me to achieve all the goals I set over the next month and was there for me as I implemented them by phone or mail. She is a great support and unique in all my years as an executive helping deliver key solutions in improving me and my company's future”

A Sayers, Corporate Executive

“How can I put this experience into words?!!!  With Alison's support by my side, I am able to work with all the different challenges that my personal journey throws up.  Her knowledge, skill, insight and empathy are incredible.  I arrive to see her and I don't have to say anything - she sees what is going on and helps me to help myself.  I leave with a spring in my step, with clarity and support, ready for whatever is going to unfold, and ready to have fun with it in a loving and generous way. What once has felt so heavy, burdensome and oh-so confusing in me, is shifting with each session with Alison.  My mind is becoming clearer, my heart more open, my body lighter, and my life is opening up in ways that I would never have imagined. So, what can I say, but thank you, thank you, thank you to Alison.  She is a life-changing force for good.” 

K Leivers, Company Director

“My experiences with Alison have been profound in many ways. They have opened me up to skills and perceptions that are adding new dimensions to both myself and my business. I have noticed a significant difference in the ways I see and interpret both the people and projects we work with. This has led to a tangible change in emphasis for the business and as a result we are starting to reap the benefits. We have definitely seen a step change in the quality and value of our work. Personally, I feel as if I have made quantum leaps in both my life and business management skills as a result of the individual coaching sessions with Alison.”


G Ulleri, Producer/Director

"As a TV journalist , I am a professional skeptic so I attended an intuition course taught by Alison with cautious reservation but with an open mind.  Alison's warmth, generosity and honesty was welcome and reassuring. She led the course with skill, humour, understanding and compassion and never shied away from answering difficult questions. It turned out to be an amazing and profound weekend for me personally.  I learned a lot about myself and came away with a greater self-belief than I had. It gave me the confidence to follow my instincts and to trust myself more than I had been previously. I highly recommend anyone to experience the course.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

I Curtis, Writer and Director

“So along comes a course which asks you to waken up to the senses that in your daily life you either take for granted or rather choose to ignore, and in that moment, you learn that things are not all that they seem, they can be much richer and more rewarding.  Working with intuition, you begin to trust in something other than the obvious, you create with imagination, it is organic, even magical and very, very satisfying.

N LeClere, Coach & Consultant

“As a truly gifted healer, teacher and coach, I have found Alison's powerful, yet gentle, sessions and practical, yet inspirational, workshops of immense personal benefit in both my personal and professional working life. The many dimensions of these continue to inspire me and fire up my imagination. I have noticed significant shifts in my life. My sense of decision making has deepened, I have gained richer perspectives in working with others, and relationship dynamics have changed making for more highly productive behaviours. Thank you Alison for all that you are and for helping people connect with their own innate resourcefulness."

S Tucker, Author

"Alison's sessions and workshops are like spiritual paracetamol. They not only take the pain away, but they make sure you never get the pain again and help you to understand why you got it in the first place"

G Farid, Entrepreneur

"Meeting Alison has helped me set out a major transformation in my life. Through her guidance, I have not only become more aware of my own capabilities and strengths but have learnt to properly draw on them as well. Alison's support and encouragement have given me the confidence to pursue what I believe is my path."