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Malibu: Course

Intuition is the navigator, without it we have no sense of direction.
— Alison Pothier

Intuitive Development

Sensory Wisdom

WE WERE BORN SENSORY ... knowing more than we thought.  We navigated our world through our senses ... until, we thought we knew better.  Then logic overrode instinct and the sensory appeared irrational ... so our intuition was no longer the rationale for our actions.  Our senses seemed senseless so we stopped trusting them to guide our sails ... and instead based our choices in facts, figures and bottom-lines.  Thinking rather than knowing what was right for us, we aspired to success ... through suppression ... until now.

Workshop Description

One's sense of purpose cannot be achieved without honoring the purpose in one's senses.

An introduction to your personal intuitive style, method and capabilities, this workshop helps you to understand your sensory experience of the world around you.  Providing practical tools to access, understand and apply your intuition to your personal and professional life, this workshop nurtures confidence, trust and self-belief.

  • An Introduction to YOUR intuitive style

  • Applied Intuition (Practical tools and Exercises)

  • Deepening Intuitive Awareness and Acuracy

$150/pp (5 week course)

Earlier Event: April 27
Malibu: Retreat (3 Day)
Later Event: May 7
Malibu: Retreat (5 day)