Inspired Contribution

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I was recently asked, “What are the benefits of intuition training in business?”.  I answered, "inspired contribution," ... and wondered exactly what I meant.

I see life like a puzzle and each of us a colourful piece that is uniquely ours to contribute to every place we arrive.  It is our contribution and it is inspired.  Its colours and context are fully revealed when we are being authentically who we are, sharing honestly what is within us, in order that those with whom we engage can connect and collaborate with us.  Through our courage to contribute what is true inside of us,  we can make accurate connections, bring things into their proper alignment and paint the full picture.

Wouldn’t that be good for business?  Wouldn’t that be good for everything?

We can’t complete the puzzle by all being the same piece, and we certainly can’t see the whole picture unless we are all willing to show up in our full size, shape and color.  Authenticity is imperative in this game.

We just need to remember that we are not individually the puzzle, but we are certainly valued pieces. Doesn’t that take the pressure off having to be the whole answer anyway? If we all promised to be our piece, then wouldn’t we build an amazing vision together?

Inspired contribution is collaborative.  It is like opening a door so that others can show you why it was so important for you to open the door.

It isn’t about imposing our intuitive visions and inspired ideas on others in order to create a world of disempowered followers hanging on our every insight.  Rather, it is about the courage to contribute our insights without attachment to them ... trusting that there is more to the need to do so than meets our own eyes and understanding.  That allows us to be blessed by the miracles that grow out of the courage to have done so ... and be humbled by their magic too.

Often in business - as in life - we hold back our intuitive insights as we assess the safety and freedom to speak our truth ... especially when it doesn't add up logically.  With our livelihoods and reputations on the line, we take into account who we are speaking to and what we have to lose in 'speaking out of turn' or 'looking foolish'.  We make our calculations, evaluate the repercussions and then decide … best not.

Why be a stack of puzzle pieces when you can create a whole picture? If we spend too much time trying to fit to the mold that’s before us, and too little time being what is within us, then we risk mastering an identity that is provided for us rather than that which authentically ‘is’ us.

Inspired contribution is the ability to be the fully expressed puzzle piece you are in order to complete the picture that is intended for your life.