In The Heart of Every Ocean

In The Heart of Every Ocean

Stand at the mouth of the ocean as it opens wide its tongue
Gauge its inward and outward breath until you and she are one
Wash your face within her spray and let her tears set free your mind
Then thank her for her vastness and the wisdom of her time.

In the heartbeat of every ocean, a chance of constancy and renewal
Of the heart and soul within that stares wisely at its fool.

Are we the made or the maker?
The created or the creator?
Do we surf atop her waters
or explore the depth beyond her shores?

Before you leave her valour, stand gently by her side
And ask her for a favour, to show you where love abides
Then look at her with wonder, as she gives her final wink
And washes away your footprints leaving you to think

With sunset rays abounding that settle on her skin,
Connect her peaceful heart with yours and let her healing in.

by Alison Pothier

copyright Alison Pothier 2014

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