Fall in love with ‘Me’

Fall in love with Me when I am nothing and no one

When I have nothing and may not seem all that you imagined me to be…

Hold a curiosity for Me.

Fall in love with Me when all that I am is still mystery,

When life’s memory of Me says little of who I am or will ever be.

Fall in love with Me –

as I am when I arrive.

Find beauty in my nakedness and the guise

of all that I seem not to be.

Fall in love with Me.

Don’t dress me in possibility because I hold your dreams in my hands,

Try not to enchant yourself with such intricate plans

nor find comfort in title, position, or name,

Don’t distract yourself with ideas of gain

Rather love me raw and unrefined,

a mystery left undefined

A flower, I will bloom for you

for in loving Me,

you are loving you.

poem by Alison Pothier

19 December 2010

2 Responses to Fall in love with ‘Me’

  1. hello alison
    your poem fall in love with me is beautifull,
    i know the space ,and wish you well in your flight ,and im so pleased you found the courage to share the beauty of your teachings,

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