Alison Pothier acts as a facilitator for organisations, families, family offices and individuals to enable synergy, sustainability and change. Highly valued for her perspective and professional acumen, her approach and ability to navigate challenging situations facilitates corporate and family evolution.

For change to happen, both an individual and the community around them (family, organization, family office etc.) need to evolve independently and together. For a group to realise its full potential, the individuals within that group need to operate at their full potential. Alison enables this process.

Her work also focuses on counter-values. Intense emphasis on corporate, family and personal values often gives rise to an environment that judges differences. This can create detrimental conditions for self-actualisation, stunting growth, productivity and compromising sustainability. Alison facilitates the reconciliation of counter-values in order to promote an inspired, cohesive, environment.

Her programs promote stepped change for both the individual and the community. They focus on building trust, freeing expression, promoting confidence, and creating empowerment. Alison delivers these on site or remotely through individual sessions, workshops, retreats, and transformational days.

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