Embracing the feminine

Intuition is divinely feminine, not necessarily divinely female.

After decades of analysis of the value proposition for men versus women in the financial industry, especially at the executive levels, it may be time now to look at things through a different set of eyes.   In order to evoke more positive and inclusive change, is it possible that our enquiry should be geared toward making a different distinction:

What is the value proposition for the masculine versus the feminine in the financial industry?  … In any industry?

Both men and women exit organisations when they are no longer able to make the inspired or creative contributions they wish to make in order to feel fulfilled and motivated to remain.

For many, to achieve is not necessarily to be fulfilled, but to be fulfilled is certainly an achievement.

Fulfillment requires an alignment of both personal contribution and the organisation’s value proposition for that contribution.  At the moment, the reward and promotion structures in the corporate world are defined by the market and predominantly associated with the ‘left brain’ or the ‘masculine’ qualities of logic, sequence, analysis, rationale, intellect, power, and delivery.  The qualities of the ‘right brain’ or the ‘feminine’ include intuition, creativity, emotional intelligence, communication, perception, vision and strategy.  Though organisations incorporate the qualities of the ‘feminine’, in measuring performance, the masculine qualities are more often nurtured and rewarded, especially at the top as the corporation meets the market.

In today’s market, the logical wins out over the intuitive, and the rational wins out over the inspired.

The masculine qualities are valued over the feminine at the levels that matter most to the shareholder … so we think, but is this really true?  Is it not possible that the current model stifles its own potential as well as the interests of the shareholder and therefore, the market?

The change that needs to take place must start from the inside out.

To create change in the world around us, we must first create the change within us and then lead as an example of our own teaching. To create an environment that values, nurtures and promotes both masculine and feminine qualities requires the personal integration and embodiment of these qualities in one’s self.  For women with years of experience in mastering the masculine in order to succeed in today’s market, the integration of the feminine can produce as much of an identity crisis as it can in some men.  That said, to embrace both the feminine and the masculine qualities in all of us provides a sense of value for the whole.  This creates a wonderful opportunity to balance gender and culture representation in organizations today by broadening the qualities valued in everyone.  For women in the city, we are asked to begin by reconnecting with the power of the feminine in ourselves.

The inspirational leader trusts that the illogical, intuitive and inspired can produce astounding measurable results.

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