Cycles of creation

What I have come to learn in this time is that change is constant.  A tidal ebb, to flow with ease during these times requires a deep trust in all that is aspired to inside even when it remains hidden from view.  It means realising that the arrival in the dream is here and now, with the dream taking shape in our every breath.  It means not reserving our ‘peace of mind’ for that single moment when we finally arrive, but rather, celebrating every step as an arrival in itself.  Each step an act of courage and creation, we replace the need to ‘hold our breath and wait’ with the freedom of an exhale.

Life is a cycle of changes.  Never-ending transitions full of growth and expansion.  If we orient our perception to recognise that each moment is our creation, the  eyes will begin to see that what we have been waiting for is already here.  It’s like realising that the beauty of the dream begins in the moment a seed is planted in the soil, rather than in its final moments of colour and scent.  To celebrate the magic of life from seed, to soil, to a moment of breaking and bursting forth from the ground, is to define the dream as the whole of its creation and have lived it to the height of its stem and the coming of its rose.  The fragrence of the arrival will mean all that much more in celebrating the magic of the whole cycle of its creation.

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