“A lack of self identity, sense of purpose or the ability to meet one’s deepest aspirations in life has a tremendous impact on our sense of fulfilment. Stifled self-expression gives rise to painful power struggles within and around us, hindering our sense of value, worth, satisfaction, and freedom. When we courageously choose to bring forward our true identity and life purpose, we connect with all that fuels our natural innovation and inspired contributions. This fosters sustainability for organizations, family and community. To do this we need to unlock and integrate into our lives all that motivates and inspires us.”


As a transformational coach to executives and private individuals, Alison focuses on empowerment.  She helps clients understand, evolve and align core values, beliefs, perceptions, counter-values and key motivators in order create positive change and open the door to new possibilities and opportunities. Working from the “inside out”, Alison focuses on evolving one’s world through a conscious, subconscious, and energetic approach to personal transformation.


Alison tailors her work to individual needs. A private consultation will explore your current circumstances and intentions, challenge perceptions to unlock possibilities and create desired outcomes, and pave the way to success through visualization and practical steps for change. A single meeting may be enough to provide the clarity you need to move forward. Should you desire more frequent and ongoing support, Alison may also be retained to provide assistance during periods of significant change or transition.

Consultations are generally booked as individual sessions either in person or via SKYPE depending on your preference and location.  If you prefer to set up a tailored coaching package, special requests can be made on the contacts tab.

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