A series of life changing events, lead to a deeply human and spiritual self-reckoning.  Alison maintained a detailed account of her profound journey by writing her dreams, insights, and experiences in daily journals over a 15 year period. With over 150 journals describing what unfolded, Alison has decided to share her story as a service to others on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.  Alison’s novel, “Magic Glasses“, will be the first in a series about the human struggle to believe in and become a life aligned to one’s true heart.  It is a story about the very human road back to the soul’s intention for itself.  It is about the human spirit and that spirit that we call human.

Magic Glasses

The birth of a new set of eyes and the courage to believe them …

MagicGlassesImgDid you ever wonder whether there was more to life than the narrow experience of pain for our losses and celebration of our gains? More to gain by our losses? More to celebrate than our gains? I did.

I didn’t just wonder. I needed to know. So I dedicated myself to finding out – whether there is indeed more to life than meets the eye and therefore a deeper reason to care about how we live it?

A profound journey of discovery, recovery, spiritual growth and human possibility – a journey to reconnect the human with its spirit.

Coming Soon: Magic Glasses, the novel

Pearls of Wisdom, A Second Strand

In 2006, Alison was offered the opportunity to contribute to a book called “Pearls of Wisdom, a second strand”compiled by Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols. Published in the book, Alison’s excerpt, called “Magic Glasses“, provided the backdrop and name for what has become her upcoming novel “Magic Glasses“.



Pearls of Wisdom: A Second Strand

© 2006 by Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D. and Rick Nichols
Magic Glasses by Alison Pothier(pg 148)







Inspiration Cards

An original collection of artwork and quotes by the author, Alison Pothier has put together a beautiful deck of inspiration cards complete with poetic verse from her dreams.  A set of 44 cards together with a book, this unique collection is a combination of inspired art, intention and insight.

DreamSpeaks_Card1Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 5.30.35 PMDreamSpeaks_Card4DreamSpeaks_Card5

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