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From ‘Roots’ to ‘Branches’

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American by birth and British by naturalisation, I am a citizen of the Western world and a student of Eastern philosophy. A native of a quaint town called Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in the heart of the Berkshires (USA), I was the third of six children (all born within seven years of each other). Raised in a close-knit Catholic family, I was taught to engage with life as a journey in faith. For me, life unfolded into exactly that … a profound journey in faith.

A humanitarian from an early age, as a teenager, I participated in youth retreats and volunteered for the COTY project, a youth organization developing a remote village in Haiti. I attended university at Boston College. Despite a keen interest in Philosophy and English, I prepared for my ‘earning’ future by enrolling in the School of Management. Recruited from university into investment banking, I arrived on Wall Street in New York City, setting aside baseball hats & ripped shorts for suits, skirts and heals. Two years later, working for a Global Futures & Options Broker, I was transferred to London on a one-year assignment. It was July 1995. I was 23 years old. The move became the start of a new chapter in my life. The one-year assignment lasted 20 years, and marked the challenge and redefinition of everything I knew of myself and my world. By my early 30s, I had climbed the corporate ranks to become a Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer in the industry. As a female executive, I was already a rare commodity, but with a track record of performance and achievement, as far as the industry was concerned, I was a ‘success’. As far as I was concerned, I wondered whether that was remotely true.

Through a series of life-changing events unfolding into a profound and deeply spiritual self-reckoning, by my late 30s, I had morphed from investment banker into spiritual entrepreneur. By day, I excelled in the city, by night, I met with guidance and first hand encounters with spirit teaching me a very different path to be laid out before me. In my own uncertainty as to the root of what was taking shape, I began a journey of exploration and self-discovery to understand my dreams, visions, encounters and all that was taking shape in parallel to my very high-paced, high-profile career. I decided, that if I was going to take a potentially devastating career risk, placing reputation & financial stability on the line, to follow a path which, by societal definition, would call into question my sanity, I wanted to be a bit more embracing of my insanity. Therefore, I evolved spiritually in parallel to my banking career, journeying with my own faith, challenging all that I had learned but needed to integrate for myself, and healing my own life as I became an intuitively guided healer & coach for others too.  I began to offer coaching, counsel, healing & training in personal transformation while I evolved my inner and outer world too.  I worked full time in the city and in parallel, launched a centre for healing & personal development called Inside Out Retreats to help people much like myself to find a way back to their true and authentic self so they could serve from that place.

I lived a parallel existence for several years, stretching the boundaries of both human-material and human-spirit.  I left the city twice, but not for good until one new year’s morning, in 2008, when I woke to a dream telling me it was time to go fully into my new direction. It explained that the market was going to collapse in on itself, and that, on this particular occasion, it was not going to be my role to help see it through the storm. It was time to follow a new path.  By then, I had learned to listen to my dreams, and, before bonuses were announced and paid that January, I explained to my bosses (who had grown accustomed to my ‘dreams’) that I would be leaving banking & needed to prepare the teams. This was not something anyone in banking would do as bonus time was time to keep one’s mouth closed and wait in silence until pay day to make changes.  I risked the finances for the authenticity.  As always, that policy paid off and respecting my choice and the integrity with which I chose to work with them, the company also worked with me.  Months later, when the market collapsed, I was already in a new chapter in my life.  I didn’t just land on my feet – in fact I landed on my knees and prepared to serve from a life more aligned with my purpose … a life others with as much to lose would deem irresponsible and idealistic, but profoundly brave.  My knees hurt and facing the mirror of self-scrutiny each day hurt too, but inside there was no other direction but the path of surrender to an internal knowing I couldn’t align with the old anymore anyway.  Something was re-writing me and I was learning to have faith through profound layers of doubt and spiritual scrutiny.

When I left the city in 2008, I landed full time into my business called Inside Out Retreats and with it, into another profound phase of spiritual evolution and self-development. Over those years, I launched an “Academy of the Inner Self ” and began facilitating training programs for people on a quest for self-actualization and authentic contribution. The training focused on 5 key components to this process: intuition (trust in self), emotion (internal truth), energy (alignment with one’s truth), aspiration (the soul’s true calling) and expression (the courage to express it into the world).

Over the years, I have explored and experienced the extremes in the material world through the world of business and finance. I have also explored and experienced the extremes in the spiritual world through the teachings and practices of priests, religious, mediums, shaman and many other spiritual teachers all over the world who have helped me on my journey. These experiences, and the insights and training within each, have inspired me to continue to transform within myself all that I feel called to be, become, and bring forward. I am in constant evolution within myself, which inspires my work with others as they endeavour to do the same.

150+ journals document the experiences which have lead me to serve now as an intuitive coach, writer and speaker.  I share my story, insights, and training with people from all walks of life as they are called to bring change to their worlds. From 8 year olds to CEOs, I work with individuals and organisations to help facilitate change through personal transformation. I work with all who wish to lead and affect change in the world, focusing first on creating that change consciously from within.

To change the world I see … I start by reconciling it in me.


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