The Heron & The Samurai Sunset

The Heron & The Samurai Sunset

Once upon a time there lived a lone heron.

Each day, he would wake amongst the reeds, stretch his mighty wings and then seek out the perfect spot to evaluate the waters below and before him.

With a slow and methodical turn of his crested head, he would scope out the perfect position to satisfy his hunger and expand his view. He chose his place by the perspective it offered – challenging his senses and improving his possibility for nourishment and fulfillment.

Sometimes he would choose to perch above the water by settling atop a mighty rock. His heightened view helped him to see the transparency of the waters below by looking beyond the distraction of any ripples appearing on the surface. Here, he could more easily set his sights on the many treasures hidden in the depths that could feed his hunger and nurture his curiosities.

Other times he would plant both feet in the water and fix his gaze on the patterns and movement of the life that surrounded him and his home. Though many were drawn here, only his presence and perspective stood in common with each.

You see this was a special heron with a special purpose.

Seemingly withdrawn and alone, he was rather more akin to a wise monk preparing his observations as a scribe to nature and the natural world.

In his wisdom, he knew the moment of his glory would come ‘when the Samurai Sunset appears on the horizon where the waters run free’.

It was said that he would recognize this sunset by the brightness of its light, the brilliance of its colours and his own readiness to leave his perch.

According to legend, ‘When the Samurai Sunset casts its light across the heron’s clear waters, a path will be formed by the mirrored reflection that connects the heart of the heron to the beating heart of a sun that, by its own setting, is preparing to rise again.

This was the moment when the lone heron would unite with the Samurai Sunset and, called forward by its light and reflection, deliver the vast wisdom gained by the profound observations made on his journey.

When the heron connected his heart to the passion and fire seated in the heart of the Samurai Sunset, the Samurai would be borne again to walk the earth anew.’

… and that’s when I met you.


[A fable written to a Love and shared with all those who journey to meet it.]

copyright Alison Pothier 2014

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